Who We Are

We believe in innovation.

Historically, Richmond has been one of the most innovative cities in the country. In 1871, Richmond was the first city to implement an electronic trolley system, setting a new standard for the world. This is why we, Trolley House Refreshments, choose to brand ourselves with a trolley logo. Like the first trolley system, we are creating innovative programs that set the new standard for break rooms. With our coffee and water service, micro-market, vending, and corporate catering service options, we will change the way you interact with your break room.

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What We Do

We believe in conveniently fueling your mind, body and soul.

At Trolley House Refreshments, we live by the motto “conveniently fueling mind, body, and soul.” We fuel your mind with a great cup of coffee, your body with a healthy meal handmade by our catering kitchen, and your soul with a sweet treat you’ve been eyeing. Are you ready to enjoy your break room experience? Are you ready to be a part of the break room revolution? Call 804-355-1550 or  Take the first step and click here to get more information on our great services!

Hotel Pantry

We believe in saving you time and making you money.​

Managing your pantry can be fun and rewarding! As a proud partner with Supply Wizards, we’ve transformed the way you do business by exclusively bringing cutting-edge pantry management technology to the state of Virginia. A proven leader in market services, our experience and expertise combined with the innovative minds at Supply Wizards, means stocking and tracking your pantry items has never been easier! The ability to track financial performance, view products sold, and see results with a click of a button not only saves you time, but money. We guarantee you’ll love the Trolley House Pantry Program so much that you’ll not only enjoy your pantry, you’ll be excited about it!

Oh, did we forget to mention that this program is also free with our service?! Call 804-355-1550 for additional information or to schedule an appointment. We come to you!

One Stop, One Shop • Piece Ordering • Inventory & Performance Tracking • Price Analysis​

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Easy Online Ordering​
  • Reporting & Analytics​
  • Performance Tracking​
  • Inventory Tracking​

Total Market Management

  • Store set up by frequently sold items​
  • Set par levels to optimize sales​
  • Auto reorder based on par quantities needed​
  • Product profitability and performance reports​

We can’t wait to show you how easy it is. ​Call us at (804) 355-1550 for a free demo, registration, and set up!

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Bringing you the best in products, service, and business!

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Trolley House Micro-Markets

We believe every employee deserves variety and a customized break room.

The Trolley House Refreshments micro-market program is similar to having a convenience store at your fingertips. Our program provides everything from healthy handmade lunches to indulgent sweet treats. We utilize customized surveys to ensure the most popular products are regularly kept in stock. If you are looking for a morale boost, help with a healthy eating initiative or you want to impress your guests, our program is the answer! If you’re ready to transform your break room, Call 804-355-1550 or  click here to request more information!

Trolley House Vending

We believe in healthy vending and local product options.

We provide a wide variety of beverages and snack options, including both local and national products. People are looking for healthier alternatives in their vending machines and we are happy to oblige with many healthy choices. At Trolley House Refreshments, we know there is no singular vending solution. We survey your location to make sure your break room is stocked with the items you are craving. As an added bonus, our modern machines accept both cash and cashless payment options. If you’ve been looking for a completely customizable vending option, you’ve found it! Call 804-355-1550 or  Click here for more information on our Vending Program!

Coffee and Water

We believe water is the most essential element of life, without it you can’t make coffee.

Trolley House Refreshments loves a good cup o’ Joe! We love coffee so much, we’ve even created our own Trolley House Coffee Blends. Plus, we carry everything from the top national brands to beloved local favorites like Blanchard’s Coffee. We customize each location’s coffee service options by offering a blind coffee tasting complete with complementary snacks and flavored creamers. A customized coffee experience is the perfect way to boost morale and make sure everyone has their own perfect cup! Call 804-355-1550 or  Click here for more information on our coffee service! Also, please reach out to Marshall Springs at Gayton West, seen above, for a personal testimony!

With all that coffee consumption, it's important to stay hydrated! That's why Trolley House Refreshments has a flood of water options. We have everything from, environmentally friendly, 5-gallon bottle service to water filtration systems, supplying crystal clear clean water! Call 804-355-1550 or  Click here for more information on our water service!

Bevi: The Smart Water Cooler

Bevi provides companies with healthy, refreshing drink choices while also caring for the environment! Each Bevi machine comes with fast and reliable customer service.

  • Unlimited still and sparkling water!
  • Flavor are no-cal, low-cal, or naturally sweetened
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Hassle-free! All restocking needs are tracked remotely and done proactively

Catering Partners

We believe in locally sourced food choices.

We strive to provide all the available products possible from our own community. That’s why all our fresh food items are made by our partnering catering company Groovin’ Gourmets. If you’re looking for a catering partner for a small corporate lunch or a large event, we’ve got you covered! Are you ready to experience amazing local food at your next event? Click here for more information on our catering companies!

The Trolley House Team

We believe the beginning of a great local service is a great local staff.

Below is a list of some of the great people who help provide your service every day, click on the photo to read their biography.

Fill out the information below to request more information and a representative will respond to you as soon as possible!

Catherine Carbone
Catherine Carbone
Client Relationship Manager

Catherine joined Trolley House in November of 2017. After spending a few years in New York City, she decided to change careers, return to Virginia and complete her degree program. In 2015, she received her B.S. in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Catherine is an award-winning artist and writer, motivated by creativity; finding balance in painting. If she must choose, as a native Virginian, she chooses the Redskins and Orioles. She loves many things, but coffee and her little dog, Latte, top the list. She takes her coffee with creamer, whipped cream and cinnamon....day and night!

Scott Halloran
Scott Halloran
Managing Director

Scott started Fresh Direct Refreshment Services in 1995 and in 2011, merged with Vending Services of Richmond to create Trolley House Refreshments. Born and raised in Richmond, Scott resides in the area with his wife of 20 years and his three children. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a double major in Marketing and Management. In his free time, he enjoys playing the drums, reading, learning about Richmond history, and outdoor activities. Scott’s favorite area in Richmond is Shockoe Bottom and Slip because of all of the cool architecture and history in the older part of the city. He loves that Richmond is close to the beach, the mountains, and DC and still retains the small city feel. Scott takes his coffee with two creams and honey and if given his choice of super powers would choose the ability to read minds.

Michael Calkins
Michael Calkins
Managing Director

Michael acquired Vending Services of Richmond in 2008 and merged with Halloran’s Refreshment Services in 2011 to create Trolley House Refreshments. He was born and raised in Richmond and currently resides in the area with his wife of 22 years and his three teenage children. He graduated from Virginia Military Institute with a degree in economics. Michael’s favorite thing about Richmond is that the people are always friendly and supportive and that the city offers so much for everyone. He also enjoys easy access to the James River. In his free time, Michael enjoys fishing, sailing, snow skiing, and mountain biking. He is passionate about taking great care of his family, his customers and his colleagues at Trolley House Refreshments. Michael takes his coffee with cream but no sugar and drinks it all day long.

Julie Vargo
Julie Vargo
Human Resources Manager

Julie joined Trolley House in April of 2015. She grew up in Maryland and Delaware, but has lived in Richmond since 1995. Julie is a two-time VCU alumni where she received her Bachelor of Science under the School of Education and returned for a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Human Resource Management. She is married to her best friend, Steve, and they have two amazing children, Olivia and Owen. Julie’s favorite things about Richmond are its rich history, small urban landscape and proximity to the beach and mountains. She is passionate about life, music and its many adventures. She takes her coffee with cream and honey.

Brandi Duncan
Brandi Duncan
Accounting Manager

Brandi joined the Trolley team in June of 2014. She grew up in Chesterfield, but now resides in Hanover with her three daughters. She graduated from Capella University with her Bachelor’s degree in business management with a specialization in accounting. In her free time, Brandi enjoys spending time outside with her kids and doing activities like fishing, hiking, and cycling. She is passionate about healthy food, natural remedies, and taking care of or standing up for those who are not able to. Her favorite thing about Richmond is the convenient proximity to both the beach and the mountains. Brandi takes her coffee with cream and sugar, but prefers organic tea.

Brandi Duncan
Jordan Smith
Operations Manager

Jordan joined the Trolley team in February of 2018. He graduated from Radford University with a Bachelors in Business Administration followed by receiving his Masters in Logistics Management from Florida Tech. In his free time, Jordan enjoys reading, playing guitar, and as an avid music lover, going to live concerts whenever possible. He is passionate about living life fully with an open mind and constantly learning new things. After growing up in Prince George, Virginia, he moved to Richmond in 2009 which has helped influence his love of Richmond’s rich history. Jordan shares his life journey with his lovely wife, Kimberly. He takes his coffee freshly squeezed from the purest coffee bean, black.

Donna Carter
Donna Carter
Accounting Receivable

Donna has been with the company since 2008, prior to the merger when the company was branded as VSR. She grew up in Richmond and currently lives in the area. She has been married for 20 years and has a daughter attending college. Her favorite thing about Richmond is that it is equally close to both the beach and the mountains. In her free time, she enjoys spending time at the beach. She is passionate about God and her family and also loves flowers. Donna takes her coffee with cream and Splenda.

Belita Shelton
Belita Shelton
Office Coordinator

Belita joined the Trolley House team in December of 2016. She has lived in Richmond since 2000 and her favorite place is Maymont Park. When Belita isn't rooting for the Chicago Bears she's spending lots of time with her family, including her two nieces. Otherwise, you can find her cooking up a new dish or planning another trip somewhere in the world. At work, you'll find her getting down to some R&B, Rock or Classical music while sipping on a cup of tea.

Dan Houston
Dan Houston
Vending Manager

Dan has been with the company since 1996. When he began prior to the merger, the company was branded as Halloran’s. Born and raised in Richmond, his favorite characteristic of the area is the large abundance of outdoor summertime activities. His favorite area throughout the city is the Fan neighborhood. In his free time, Dan enjoys camping, fishing, and traveling. He is also a diehard fan of the Los Angeles Kings hockey team and enjoys all kinds of music. Dan drinks his coffee in its basic form: black.

Patrick Fletcher
Patrick Fletcher
Vending Route Supervisor

Patrick joined Trolley House in March of 2016. Patrick has lived in Richmond for his whole life and his favorite thing about it is that it’s a bigger city with a little city feel. He likes how easy it is to make connections with people and build long lasting relationships. His favorite event in Richmond is the Monument Avenue Annual Easter Day Parade. His passion is playing baseball and is an avid Boston Red Sox fan. He’s been coaching travel baseball teams since 2008; developing kid’s skills and getting them excited about the sport is very important to him. Patrick’s ideal super power would be to talk to animals like Dr. Doolittle to mostly just talk with his dog. He had never had a cup of coffee in his life until working for Trolley House, now he takes it with 1 caramel vanilla creamer and no sugar.

Eric Roy
Eric Roy
Market Supervisor

Eric joined the Trolley Team in November 2016 as the Market Supervisor. He enjoys watching sports and follows all the Boston teams because he's originally from Connecticut before moving to Mechanicsville. Eric enjoys spending his free time with his lovely wife and their young daughter. His favorite things about Richmond are its long history and how many activities are available. Eric loves interactive activities, which is why the Science Museum is his favorite Richmond attraction. He spent ten years of his professional career before Trolley House as a chef, which grew his passion for food and creating great products. If given his choice of super powers he would choose speed reading. That way he could read all the books he's been trying to get to. Eric takes his coffee with cream and sugar if drinking tea he prefers a little lemon.

Ben Schwartz
Ben Schwartz
Office Coffee Supervisor

Ben joined the Trolley House team in July of 2016. He moved to Richmond in the summer of 2003 and his favorite place to spend time around Richmond is the river and the nature surrounding it. His favorite thing about Richmond is the very diverse and ever changing food scene. Ben is passionate about environmental conservation and ecology. He attended VCU for Environmental Sciences and is married with 2 daughters. Ben’s favorite sports are Hockey, Tennis and E-sports but doesn’t have an alliance with any specific team. If he could have any super power it would be teleportation so he could travel more. He would also like you to know “I could have been a contender”.

Vince Lewis
Vince Lewis
Fleet & Facilities Manager

Vince joined the Trolley House Team in 2001. He's lived locally since 2007 and his favorite thing about Richmond is the river and its views. When Vince isn't making sure our trucks are in tip top running condition he's spending quality time with his motorcycle. At work, you will find him under one our vehicles with a Rock Star and listening to whatever radio station he can get to come in clearly.

Nolan Moore
Nolan Moore
Service Manager

Nolan has been with the company since 2007. He began prior to the merger, when the company was branded as Halloran’s. He has lived in Mathews, Chesapeake, and Richmond, Virginia and attended a trade school in Newport News. Nolan is an outdoors man with no time for television. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, and mountain biking, and generally exploring the outdoors. He is passionate about understanding nature and his favorite thing about Richmond is its accessibility to both the mountains and the beach. Nolan takes his coffee with two cream, two sugar and if given his choice of superpowers would choose to fly.

Randy Keup
Randy Keup
Warehouse Manager

Randy joined the Trolley House team in July of 2016. He grew up in Florida and he’s been married since 2008 with 2 great children. Randy is a diehard Florida State Seminoles fan and he enjoys playing golf in his free time. He’s very passionate about his family and he listens to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

Trolley House Community

We believe in giving back to our community.

At Trolley House we believing in giving back to the great community we work, live and play in! Below is some of the community outreach organizations that Trolley House strives to make a difference through.

Blue Sky Fund logo

Blue Sky Fund

Blue Sky Fund is a youth development non-profit that provides transformational experiences for urban youth through outdoor education. They support academic success by providing school field trips focused on the environmental sciences, and build resiliency and character through outdoor adventure programming.

Feedmore logo


FeedMore is Central Virginia’s core hunger-relief organization. Spanning nearly one-third of the state, across 34 counties and cities, FeedMore serves more than 200,000 individuals in the region’s most vulnerable populations – children, families and seniors.

Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services logo

Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

The Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, in collaboration with community partners, provides and advocates for resources and services to improve the employment, quality of life, security, and independence of older Virginians, Virginians with disabilities, and their families.

Service Request

At Trolley House Refreshments we are always here to help you. If there are problems with your service, please do not hesitate to let us know by filling out this secure form. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours (if you submit your form before noon). Thank you.