The Trolley


We’d love to eat ice cream and candy everyday, but we know that won’t give us the energy needed to stay productive. Our goal is to provide the right options that keep you energized and support a healthy lifestyle. Quick and convenient snacking can be a satisfying experience while also being a healthy one!


We provide healthy options throughout all of our programs that offer a variety of healthy snacks, and freshly prepared meals, made on-site in our Market Fresh division.  All products are labeled with nutritional information to help you make informed snack decisions that work best for you.



Say hello to the next generation of better-for-you vending.


  • Convenience that fits your desire for a healthier lifestyle.


  • Better-For-You options gives you the fuel you need, plus the comfort of knowing you are doing something good for yourself.


  • Better Experience with equipment, interface and information, bringing the vending experience to a whole new level.


  • Touchscreen Technology
  • Ability to Select Multiple Items
  • Offer Combo Suggestions
  • FDA-Approved Nutrition Information Display



FitPick is a healthy vending and micro-market labeling programed designed to help you identify products that meet recognized nutrition standards.


FitPick guidelines are easy to understand and feature absolute values for calories, fat, sugar and sodium.


FitPick products contain no more than:


  • 35% of calories from fat


  • 10% calories from saturated fat


  • 35% of total weight from sugar