We spend approximately 90,360 hours of our lives at work. That’s why we believe you deserve to spend those hours in the best workplace possible.

The Trolley Cafe is the customized breakroom experience you won’t find anywhere else. Intended to create a unique space within your office, employees come to refresh, recharge, and refuel, while the surroundings form a foundation for inspiration and collaboration.


With fresh food provided through our catering and Market Fresh divisions, cafe’s offer hot made to order items, and a full line of snacks, beverages, coffee and tea.

The Cafe You’ve Always Wanted

Every workplace is unique, and you want a designed space that reflects who your company is. Currently in three design options, Rustic, Industrial, and Contemporary, you create the breakroom experience you know will motivate your employees to do their best.


Your workplace is a blank canvas and we give you the paintbrush, allowing you to use your imagination to motivate and inspire your team!